The key challenge for hiring managers is to find those that ‘fit’ the profile they have for people they need for now, and the future.

Candidates need to ‘stand out from the crowd’ to ‘show what makes them different’ to impress you, the hirer, so that they are remembered after all candidates have been seen.

However, in my recent experience there’s little change in how candidates are taught to promote themselves, they all seem to follow the same approach with their responses to most questions and are quite predictable however good on paper they look.

Why is it that in answer to questions like ‘tell me something about yourself’, I get the feeling that they have really not prepared for it?

Answers are often not organised, unclear and do not give me a good understanding of their ability to talk about or promote themselves.

In today’s world we are looking for people with the right approach to work. I see more hiring managers looking for the ability to collaborate, rather than look for leadership; the ability to be innovative and look outside the box rather than solve problems themselves.

I find very few people are able to give a coherent picture of their talents, or even, to understand their own values.

I see the talents and values as the ‘how’ and ‘why’ they operate but all that they are taught to give me is the ‘what’ of their academic and work experience.

From talking to many hiring managers, they find candidates are not prepared to discuss their soft skills that are in high demand and by not doing so make us think they are in short supply at the moment.

Our approach at Future Resume is to help prepare candidates to show hiring managers a much clearer picture of ‘who they are’ and give added information not present in CV’s for a hiring manager to ask different and probing questions to uncover their true potential as candidates.

We also ask them to identify a personal and professional ‘story’ – one where they look back on a particular achievement, and one where they learned a lot, even if it was a failure. In both we believe we help them to explain the ‘why’ and ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’ they did.

Everyone can ‘communicate’, ‘work in a team’, ‘be organised’ or ‘lead’ a group of people, what we as hirers need to know is the context, and the ‘why’ and ‘how’ they do what they do it to get a three-dimensional picture of who they are.

This is why we at Future Resume, have devised a process of self-exploration which ends with a document that gives the individual and the hiring manager the opportunity to have a great interview.