Future Resume, revolutionising recruitment

For years, the CV has been at the centre of the traditional recruitment process meaning companies are limited to seeing just a snapshot of a candidate’s work history and education during the selection process.

A Future Resume gives you so much more than this. In-depth questions and professional analysis provide hiring managers with a genuine insight into their candidates.

We help you take the guesswork out of selecting who to interview. A Future Resume will help you see more than just the work record and educational achievements of candidates.

A Future Resume will give you the applicant’s talents and those they want to develop, their values, their preferred working environment and aspirations, as well as the type of role that would suit them now and in the future.

Discover the person behind the CV

A completed Future Resume lets you go beyond the first stage selection process so you enter that critical interview phase knowing that every candidate who sits in front of you is potentially an ideal employee. You can go beyond the preliminary interview formalities and get straight to the questions that really matter to you and your company.

With a Future Resume, you see the stand-out candidates and get to know the person behind the CV before they even come in for an interview. Our mission is to make recruitment more effective by helping hiring managers really understand their candidates. With a Future Resume, you find role fulfillers, not just job fillers.

Everyone deserves a Future Resume.

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Future Resume credit plans

With one credit per Future Resume, simply select the number of credits you require to match your recruitment needs as a business or a job seeker wanting your own Future Resume

Trial Credit
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5 credits
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20 credits
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50 credits
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