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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Please check this section for any questions you might have regarding Future Resume. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for please feel free to get in touch, and we’ll be only too happy to see what we can do.

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What is a Future Resume?

A Future Resume is a document that is created by answering some carefully designed questions. It identifies what somebody is good at and enjoys, their talents, talents they would like to develop, values, preferred working environment, aspirations, areas of their life they would like to improve, learn more and two notable stories.

How do I create a Future Resume?

As a job seeker you can create your own Future Resume by signing up. As a job applicant you will receive an email inviting you to complete the questionnaire. Once completed, your responses will be analysed and used to generate your Future Resume. 

How long does it take to complete the questionnaire?

Most people take about 10 minutes. However, we encourage you to take your time to ensure you complete it fully and honestly, considering your answers carefully. It will really help with your job application.

Can I save my progress and come back to finish the questionnaire later?

Yes, you can.

When will I receive my Future Resume?

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, your Future Resume will be immediately available.

Who sees a Future Resume?

As an independent job seeker you alone receive the Future Resume. As a job applicant both you and and the hiring manager will automatically be sent a copy of your Future Resume once the questionnaire has been completed. 

Does a Future Resume take the place of a CV?

No, a Future Resume works alongside your CV to provide greater insight into your capabilities and potential.

Is a completed Future Resume specific to each application?

No, once you’ve completed a Future Resume you will be able to update and use it again for any applications you make in the future.

Is Future Resume a personality test?

No. Future Resume has been designed to show your passions and potential at work. You are not being compared to others in any way … we are more concerned with your uniqueness as a person.

Can I complete a Future Resume if I am not applying for a specific job?

Yes. If you would like to complete a Future Resume independently which you can then use to apply for other jobs.

As a job seeker can I complete my own Future Resume ?

Yes you can complete your own Future Resume for your own job applications, it will allow potential employers to understand the real you and see the person behind the cv.

How much does it cost to complete a Future Resume?

Recruiters buy one of our packages which they then use to generate applicants’ Future Resumes. For job seekers wishing to complete their own Future Resume its a simple £9.99 per month (cancel anytime after the first month).

Can I print out my Future Resume and take it along to other job applications?

There’s no reason why not. Other employers may not be affiliated with Future Resume, but they will certainly gain an insight into who you are by reading it.

How long is a Future Resume valid for?

Once completed, your Future Resume doesn’t have an expiry date. Although if your ambitions and job perspectives change substantially, you will need to complete the questionnaire again to get the most accurate representation possible.

What is the difference between talents and skills?

Skills are something you learn, talents are things that you have a natural affinity for and normally enjoy using and developing. I.e. you can learn ‘public speaking’ and become competent at it … but you can never compete with someone who was born with ‘the gift of the gab’.

Why is it important to understand values?

Values are becoming increasingly important in work. A company’s culture, for example, is based on shared values, knowing that a person ‘fits’ the culture can help them get up to speed, and acclimatise much quicker.

Do Future Resume packages expire after a certain time?

No, Future Resume packages don’t expire. If you don’t need to recruit anyone for a while, you can leave the package unused, and they’ll be ready for you when you next need them.

Can you help in handling our recruitment process for us?

We have access to experienced personnel who can help in all aspects of the recruitment process, from creating job descriptions through to advising on appropriate psychometric testing.