What can Future Resume do for you?

Where a CV is just a list of what a job seeker has achieved in the past, a Future Resume frees them to find a job that inspires them and allows them to fulfil their potential.

After years of study, the team at Future Resume has devised an in-depth vocational tool which looks at where a candidate’s potential lies and what their talents are. Via a system of questions and scenarios, a Future Resume builds up a digital image of the person to present potential employers with a three-dimensional representation of who the job seeker is and what motivates them. It actually provides the information that would become apparent during an interview, saving hours of wasted time interviewing job seekers who are unsuitable for the role.

Employers and recruiters

As an employer, you’ll get the chance to see new employees in more than just the traditional one-dimensional view of their experience on their CV. A completed Future Resume allows you to explore the whole person in three dimensions. You see their past, how it has shaped them, their present and what they can offer now, and also their future, where they want to go and what their ambitions are.

With Future Resume, you don’t just recruit experienced individuals who’ve been in a similar role before. You find talented and engaged team members, people who will bring commitment and enthusiasm to a role that genuinely inspires them.

Simply sign up, buy the package that matches your recruitment needs and invite your preferred applicants to complete a questionnaire that, once analysed by us, will create their Future Resume, enabling you to make a more informed decision on who to select for interview.

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When recruiting new employees, a Future Resume gives you an insight into the applicants. It allows you to make a more informed decision on who to select for an interview. Future Resume saves time trawling through CVs and means you can get straight to interviewing the most suitable candidates.
Marc Oratis — Director at Marquee2hire

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