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Conventional wisdom says that a CV will tell hiring managers most of what they need to know about an applicant’s suitability for a job. While it can be one piece in the jigsaw that makes up someone’s personality, CVs simply set out candidates’ past experiences and what they have achieved in previous roles, providing no guarantee that their performance can be replicated or bettered in the unique context of your company. A CV also does not take into consideration those candidates who may be returning to work or are newly graduated with little to no recent experience to add to their CV.

A Future Resume reveals much more about every candidate by focusing on what they have to offer now and their potential for growth within your company in the future.

How Future Resume Works

Finding the Right Candidate with Future Resume

A few minute’s research online will give job seekers not only the questions they can expect to be asked at interview but also stock answers that will tick all the boxes. How valuable is that for recruiters?

A Future Resume will elicit authentic, spontaneous answers which could tell you that an applicant isn’t right for the role, the time-consuming and expensive interview process need not proceed in this case.

When candidates complete a Future Resume, they don’t just answer a few questions, they complete a carefully constructed questionnaire with stories and examples. It’s possible to really get inside someone’s head and learn what makes them tick, revealing the natural talents and passions which they’ll bring to work each day.

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Future Resume successfully helps HR managers and business owners hire the employees that are right for the job role. With detailed insights into a candidate that aren't available from traditional job applications, Future Resume helps businesses make logical hiring decisions.
Future Resume

HR Recruitment Process

Increase productivity and reduce staff turnover by hiring the right people.

When hiring employees, whether for a small business or a huge multinational, the same principles apply – and the same positive outcomes if you get it right.

With people on board who complement existing team members and thrive in the culture which characterises your business, your company benefits from creating a happy workplace full of engaged employees aligned to your values and prepared to go beyond their job description to contribute passion, innovation and purpose. Through that, increased productivity occurs naturally, and who would want to look elsewhere for a job?

Future Resume makes recruitment more effective, allowing you to discover role fulfillers who will enhance your company so that, together, you can build a brighter future.

Adding a Future Resume to your recruitment process couldn’t be easier. Choose from our credit packages that suits your needs and invite preferred applicants to complete the Future Resume questionnaire. Once completed and analysed by our team, their Future Resume will be created and ready to help guide your recruitment decisions.

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