As the economy begins to pick up we need to think about recruitment in a different way. There is no point going back to the pre-covid ways of doing things as there has been quite a shift in the way people are working and, more importantly, the way in which we look at candidates and the changing criteria when finding the best candidates.

Some of the key issues that face recruiters are:

1. The capacity for resilience – this aspect has come to the fore as a result of the pandemic. Organisations have found some who they thought were the best recruits have fallen short in terms of this ability.

2. Adaptability and innovation – this has often come from people that were, pre-covid, unnoticed. The ability by staff to think about how to operate in different ways to ensure ‘the job is done’ and offer new solutions to communication within the organisation. With customers it has been eye opening for many leaders who have been shocked by how staff have been able to look at their role and how it can be changed to best suit the changing conditions.

3. Communication – of course the main issue has been one of both what, and how we communicate. I know from my research that many managers have been frustrated by those who poorly communicate what they are doing, and are ‘unavailable’ at crucial times. Knowing that each member of staff is pulling their weight has been important.

4. Sharing and caring – this has also been a huge issue in so many organisations. Are members of staff sharing what they are doing with others in their team and working with them rather than simply taking tasks for a manager and only responding to them. Building a ‘self-help community’ has been a key element, particularly when many people have been isolated and their mental well being has become an issue. The ability of staff to pick up on colleagues feeling down, and needing personal support has been important to both team cohesion and bonding.

These are some of the important areas not covered by simply looking at a CV when recruiting. The Future Resume approach is to uncover these and many more aspects that organisations need to know about, before asking someone for interview.

Take a look at Future Resume and you will see that taking a different approach to the interview process can help re-calibrate both what information candidates give to a recruiter and give recruiters new questions to ask to identify the best talent for a changed world of work.