Values come to mind quite often for me during this time of social distancing as I watch people on my daily exercise walk.

The polarity that started with Brexit has now morphed into other parts of our lives and can be seen in the behaviour of people out an about at the moment.

There are those who are ‘aware’ and those who are ‘in their own world’ when it comes to noticing others around them.

Some people will notice the old lady on her own walking hesitantly towards them and move into the road to keep their social distance whilst passing her with a wave of the hand and a grateful ‘thankyou’ as a reply.

Others ignore others around them and do not acknowledge the fact that you have moved away, this is true of some runners, with their earpieces in who take the centre of the path and expect everyone ahead of them to stand aside as they come through!

I for one, am much more aware of these two opposite behaviours towards other people going on at the moment and think about how important it might be when recruiting people, or deciding when having to cut costs who to keep and who to let go?

Our values underpin our behaviour, our sense of what is right and what is wrong, how we decide to live our lives and what we see as important in out interaction with others, our organisations and society at large.

‘Organisational culture’ is made up of the collective conception of what is right and wrong to do. Talking to client organisations I hear how so many people are working harder and longer from home and are contributing enormously to keeping their organisations sustainable. But I also hear of those people who are ‘having a laugh’ and not doing what is right for their colleagues.

That is why we at Future Resume include Values as an important part of the information we glean to help organisations decide who to interview.