The first question to answer here is what do you mean by the “right” person? The right person in one role or one company may not be the right person for the role you need to fill now. Before you start looking for a candidate, first establish what, or rather who, you need when wondering how to hire the right employee.

The ideal recruits to increase employee productivity

When you look around at your existing workforce, can you think of a current employee who you would say is your ideal staff member? A role model for your company if you like, someone who you know you can trust and wish you had ten just like her or him.

Got someone in mind? Good. Now would you really want two of that person in the office? Probably not, while they certainly get the job done, you are not looking for clones of one efficient worker. You need different people in the office, ones who bring different qualities with them and fill different needs. A variety of personalities and approaches stimulates progress in the work environment and keeps it fresh, keeps it moving and keeps it dynamic.

You also have to consider whether those people you consider to be ideal employees will still be ideal in the future. With the world of work, technology and everything else changing day by day, it’s important to look at where you want your business to go, not just how it has got to where it is today. Your role model employees may not actually be the sort of person you want to fill your future office with.

You don’t want perfect clones – hiring different personality types in the workplace

Imagine if you were to give all of your employees a psychometric test, and all of what you considered to be your “best employees” came up as one personality type. The go-getters, the dynamic problem-solvers, the ones who are always pushing and getting the best roles. What if your office was full of those people? Who would do the other jobs, the filing and the admin? Would any of them be content to answer the phone and keep things ticking over?

Probably not, which is why it is important to consider your office of the future and find people who will help you shape it in the right way. The ideal employee today may not be the person you need in your office tomorrow.

What is “right” for your organisation? – the right interview questions to ask the right candidates

Once you have decided what “right” is for your organisation, you need to make sure that the person you find is passionate about what you do, that they share your values and really possess the enthusiasm for working in your organisation. In the interview process, you should be able to tell if they genuinely share your passion or if they are just ticking the boxes and saying what they think you want to hear.

Giving standard responses to interview questions is very easy and remarkably commonplace nowadays. A little online research and candidates know exactly what to say to merely tick all the boxes. But a box ticker won’t have the passion and drive that you need.

It’s the candidate with the passion to work, and talents to get the job done that will pay off when you give them a chance; not the box-ticker with the right experience and the exact qualifications.

Future Resume helps you hire the right employee

When candidates complete a Future Resume, they don’t just answer a few questions, they complete a carefully constructed questionnaire with stories and examples. The story questions have all been designed to really get inside a candidate’s head and to explore their natural talents and passions which they will bring to work every day. The stories a Future Resume elicit reveal more about a candidate than any number of simple behavioural questions ever will.

Candidates cannot simply “wing it” when completing a Future Resume. The nature of the questionnaire means candidates reveal their true passions and talents involuntarily, which when analysed allow us to build up a true representation of that person. This means you can see what the candidate is actually like, understand what drives them and see why they want to work for you.

New recruitment methods and career assessments with Future Resume

Future Resume is changing the old CV-based system of recruiting by simply looking at what candidates have done in the past and what they have achieved in previous roles. A Future Resume sees the whole person and looks at where they will go, where they want to be.

Like any progressive system, Future Resume adapts as we go on. The questions we use today may not be right for tomorrow. As we learn more about the candidates, we also learn more about the tools we use to find them. We continue to refine it, to improve the questions we ask and the stories we elicit to get the best possible insight.

To see how Future Resume can help you find the “right” candidate for your organisation, get in touch with us here.